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S-120, S-150 & S-200 Two Shaft Shredder
Most durable design for heavy-duty applications, high availability due to short maintenance times and functionality custom-made for individual requirements - these were the specifications for the development of the new generation of UNTHA rotary sheers.

UNTHA two shaft rotary shears can be optionally equipped with a special screen corpus, which makes it possible for the first time to achieve final fractional sizes of less than 100 x 150 mm in one working cycle.

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(mm) S-120-2-S S-150-2-S S-200-2-S
A 1378/1902 1534/1836 2360
B 760 1300 1600
C 1290 1800 2300
D 3090/3615 4130/4430 5320
E 850 975 1100
F 693 900 1010
The Cutters (S-120-2-S)
The cutting disks are made of high-alloy wear-resisting tool steel. Depending on the application, various forms and widths of cutting disks are used. The wipers clean the gaps between the cutting disks.

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The Gears (S-120-2-S)
A special gear concept ensures transfer of the torque of both shafts to the cutting tooth of a cutting disk, which results in higher cutting force at the same installed power.

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The Replacement of Cutters (S-120-2-S)
The cutters can be quickly replaced by simply drawing out the movable bearing place incl, seal and bearing, thus avoiding dismantling of a drive or removal of complete cutting shaft.

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The Drive (All models)
The machine has either an electromechanical or a hydromechanical drive. Electromechanical power with four electric motors. A 3-step spur gear is used for speed reduction. The spur gear runs in an oil-bath Hydromechanical power: The hydromechanical drive offers the advantage of adaptation of the cutting shaft speed to the product to be processed. If light materials are being processed, the speed and thus the throughput increases. If products requiring high torque are being processed, the speed reduces and the torque increases.

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The Cutters (S-150-2-S & S-200-2-S)
Due to the special segment design, the cutters cna be replaced quickly and at low cost. All you have to do is press out the bolts by means of a hydraulic cylinder. As no drives or shafts have to be dissassembled, the cutters can be replqced within a very short time. Segments can also be replaced individually.

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The Torque Support (S-150-2-S & S-200-2-S)
The torque support mounted on the gear is damped by a spring assembly, thereby ensuring minimised wear on cutting disk and drive.

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The Screening Wall (S-150-2-S & S-200-2-S)
The screening wall seperates the working area of the machine from the bearings and/or drive components. They are ideally protected from the product to be processed.

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