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Four Shaft Shredder
The all-purpose UNTHA shredder with the patented UNTHA four shaft cutting system (4-S-System) combines crushing and regrinding in a single machine.

Space-saving, compact design and solid construction

Low noise level (approx. 76 db)

Electromechanical drive

Automatic, load-dependent revision control (Siemens PLC)

Robust, modular cast frame construction

Variable granulate size through individual combinations of cutting shafts and screen hole diameter
low-speed cutting shafts (approx. 23 rpm) provide long cutting tool life

High thoughput at low power saves energy

Minimum maintenance requirements - highly efficient spur gear running in oil bath
the only shredders with the patented four cutting shafts system

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Model CCW* L H H1 H2 H3 B T T1 T2
RS 30 18 75" 32" 18" 65.7" 39" 50" 22" 43"
2X5.5 kw motor 49"
2 x 7.5 kw motor 51"
2 x 11 kw motor 53"
The Patented UNTHA 4-Shaft System
UNTHA system four shaft design provides maximum output with low energy comsumption. Material is shredded twice, once with the cutting shafts and again by the perforated outlet screen.

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The Applications
The UNTHA 4-Shaft Shredder is able to shred paper and cardboard, wood, chipboard, veneers, bark, plastic, empty plastic and sheet metal trusses, glass, shredding of files, rubbish
and much  more.

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The Accessories
Special hopper for various charge types

Pressure feed devices

Container stands

Tilting devices

Conveyor belts and worm conveyors

Extraction hoods etc.

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