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MR-1500, 2000 & 2500 Single Shaft Shredder
High-throughput for heavy-duty industrial applications, high-availability due to short maintenance times and functionality custom-made for the individual requirements - these were the specifications for development of the "MR" series.

During the shredding process, the hydraulic ram pushes the material loadcontrolled against the rotor. The rotor is equipped with exchangable indexable inserts and cuts the material through the stator blade. The shredded material falls through the grid of the screen that defines the granule size.

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(mm) MR-1500 MR-2000 MR-2500
A 1380 1840 1840
B 1500 2000 2510
C 2180 2910 2910
D 2015 2740 3250
E 2810 3450 3970
F 1720 2570 2570
The Cutters
The cutters consist of an indexable insert holder and an indexable instert. The indexable insert holder can be easily removed if damaged by foreign material. The indexable insert is suitable for multiple use. A large number of indexable insert sizes and forms are available.

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The Rotor
Two different cutting systems with various numbers of cutters are available, thereby ensuring perfect suitability of the machine for individual requirements.

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The Control
The machine is controlled by a Siemens SPS S7. All data can be entered and read via an LCD display. The machine is adjusted to the material to be processed by various adjustable program sequences.

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The Stator Blade
The stator blade is divided. When foreign material is fed into the machine, parts of the stator blade strip are hydraulically folded away, independant of each other.

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The Ram Device
The bearing of the ram device and the obliquely arranged hydraulic cylinders are placed outside the cutters room, so that they are protected against dirt and mechanical impact. The special slide construction allows space-saving design.

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The Drive
The machine is driven by a spur gear running in an oil-bath. Thanks to the proven modular design either an electromechanical or an electrohydraulic drive is possible.

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Rotor Cooling
When material; with a melting point below 100 degrees Celcius is processed, rotor cooling is used. A coolant is pumped through the rotor and the outside casing of the rotor is cooled.

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