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LR-700, 1000, & 1400 Single Shaft Shredder

Utilizing efficient production methods we have produced a shredder with minimal space requirements, but still offering optimal operational capacity. The Tryco-Untha shredders are finely coordinated to individual requirements. A special feature of the LR-range is it's quiet and low speed



During shredding, the hydraulic ram pushes the material into the rotor, with a force directly dependant on the amount of power the rotor is using to shred. The rotor with easily replacable knives cuts the material against the stator blade. The cut material falls through a screen with predefined size, and is carried out of the shredder with a conveyor rotor (LR-1000, LR-1400).

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Model B (mm) B1 (mm) H (mm) T (mm) T1 (mm)
LR-700 1309 700 1610 1706 1065
LR-1000 1805/2005 1000 1630 1706 1050
LR-1400 2201/2401 1400 1645 1706 1050
The Cutters
The cutting unit comprises the cutting plates and the cutting plate holders. The cutting plates can be used many times and can be easily replaced. Thanks to their geometry, they produce a targeted flow of chips. If the cutting plate holder is damaged due to a foreign substance, it can be replaced very easily.

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The Pivoting Ram
The special design of the ram allows the LR series to be compact and ensures uniform material feed to the shredder. The hydraulic cylinder which uses drawing action and the mountings of the pivoting ram are located outside the shredder chamber, so as to be protected from dirt and mechanical influences.

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The Drive Mechanism
The flexible belt drive and the spring-tensioned torque brace fitted to the transmission mechanism absorb shocks during shredding. This provides protection to the transmission during operation.

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Foreign Substance Recognition
The foreign substance recognition system, which is a standard feature of the machine, automatically switches the machine off if an object which cannot be shredded (e.g. a screw clamp) reaches the rotor. This feature prevents major damage to the shredder. If such a problem occurs, a red light lights up on the control cabinet.

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