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Welcome to the home of the world's best built grinders and shredders!

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The UNTHA is designed as an all purpose grinder/shredder for general particle reduction of almost any waste material (not to include rocks, cement, solid steel, etc.) The primary advantage of UNTHA is in the four shaft design that recycles materal into three cutting areas, grinding and regrinding until the particles are small enough to fall through the bottom outlet sizing screen for one pass grinding. Screen size openings from 15mm to 60mm are available to provide the particle size you need.
There are thirty models offering variations in cutter areas, (18" x 22" to 57" x 34") and power choices of dual motors up to 50hp (38kw) for heavy duty grinding that includes steel belted tires, whole pallets, electic transformers, plastics, mattresses, chairs, books, cloth, luggage, foam veneer, leather, paper and others. As an option, replaceable cutter teeth can be provided to greatly reduce cost of operation. Recent technology in deep cryogenic treatment provides a means of increasing knife wear three to four times, and this service is available at our facility in Decatur.
Seeing is Believing!

In Decatur, you can visit and view an RS30-450-22 in operation at a pallet rebuilding plant or the State of Illinois has four Model RS50TR-750-44 tire grinders that can be viewed upon arrangment.

Business lease program  is available to qualified buyers. Leasor requires business provide the last two years' financial statements. Financials must show adequate profitability.